Tuesday, July 16, 2013

90s Music Tidbit

All last night we listened to the 90s radio station while burning down the highway in our rental car. The music reminded me of a college friend who used to insist that she was a fan of Gwen Stefani from way back, you know, before she was cool. To me it's akin to still claiming you embraced Zima before it was "cool," but each to their own. So whenever Gwen Stefani came up in conversation (which was not often), she would tell us that she remembered back when her last name was Stefaniac. I'm not sure what motivated me, but I once looked it up. It turns out that this "Stefaniac" thing is a combination of the words "Stefani" and "maniac," and a term her biggest fans self-applied. It is not her former last name. I wanted to tell the friend but never had the heart. I hope she's not still dropping that insider tidbit on people these days.

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