Friday, July 12, 2013

Hard Boiled

The hard-boiled egg. One of the easiest things to cook in the world. Drop one in boiling water, pull it out a bit later and you have a little protein pack ready to take anywhere. Sure, it has a fragile case but at least it's biodegradable. I like to boil a few eggs each week to take to work for lunch or eat in the morning, but for years I've been messing it up. And I've spent considerable time, several minutes at least, which is a lot if you consider the subject matter, researching how to make hard-boiled eggs. They come out with odd-colored yolks, the white part is too hard, and it's impossible to peel off the shell without taking all the white stuff with it. It's so easy, but I still mess it up every time. Can you imagine what my life would be like if I tried to learn to prepare that poisonous fish used in sushi that won't kill you only if you cut it a certain way? It would be rather short.

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