Thursday, August 1, 2013

Shirt Design

I bought this new shirt last week. I don't often buy clothes, but something about this shirt's wallpaper/tablecloth styling spoke to me from the sale rack. I even tried it on, and if I'd been on the fence, the try-on portion would have pushed me over the top. It was perfect, standing up in the changing rom. And the trim-fitting shirt was even unique, it only had four buttons down the front instead of the usual seven shirt buttons. I thought this urban, different, and perhaps even at the cutting edge of fashion. Then I wore the shirt to work, and when I sat down at my desk the four buttons split open showing chest hair in the wide gaps they left. Turns out that shirts have more than four buttons for a reason. I wish the designer had tried sitting down after they'd made the shirt. The bleeding edge of fashion is not for me.

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