Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fearless Wildlife

My apartment complex is teeming with squirrels that lack an instinct to flee humans. It makes for strange encounters. They sit on the park bench next to you maintaining eye contact while eating. It's frightening since I'd always been taught that if a wild animal doesn't run away from you there's something wrong with it (rabies) or it's going to eat you (a bear/tiger). I would rather get eaten by a bear than attacked by all the squirrels in my neighborhood at once. I always wondered where these squirrels found these plump, delicious-looking walnuts until today the squirrel on the bench next to me was chomping on a Macadamia nut. I don't live in Hawaii, so it's now clear to me that one of my neighbors has chosen to ignore the "please don't feed the squirrels" notices hanging in the lobby.

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