Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wedding Travels

I'm traveling for an upcoming wedding and trying to take as little time off work as possible. I leave the day before the wedding. I plan on arriving for work early that morning and then leaving early for the airport. A 2:30pm meeting means I'll make it to the airport in time if there's light traffic and the train schedules are cooperative. Then upon arrival I have to clear customs, immigration, and try to find a cab stand and convince whoever's driving to race to a dock on the other side of town. If everything goes well, I will arrive at the dock where the wedding boat is literally sailing just as the last guests board. On this little trip so many things have to go right for me to have any chance at making the wedding that -- even if I make it -- I'll be so stressed out when I arrive that I'm almost certain to pass out five minutes after boarding the boat.

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