Monday, October 14, 2013

Boarded Up

We once went to open the bike shop where I worked in college and found that it had been boarded up with a huge piece of plywood. Perhaps our boss neglected to pay rent? We conferred for a moment and decided to take the plywood down, but need a square-head driver. In the back of our friend's trunk we found only one screwdriver, and it was a square-head that fit the screws holding in the door. I'm not sure what my coworkers were thinking, but I was wondering why this guy had locked us out. Some kind of prank, reminiscent of the 90's film The Game was afoot, I thought. Turned out that someone had walked past and noticed our door hanging wide open the night before and called the police. They stopped by an hour later to check that everything was okay. There were no more closing time beers for a few days after that incident.

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