Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Bug Scare

We went through a phase in our apartment building where everyone was worried that they had bedbugs. We handled it by spending an entire day and night going over our apartment with cleaning supplies, our headlamps lighting every corner while we scoured each crevice for bugs. I think the whole bedbug scare is overblown, but I was worried when we managed to find about five or six different bugs, all of them small and none of them looking the same. I encased them in packing tape and put them on the kitchen table with a note for a bedbug inspector, and he left a note that he found no evidence of bedbugs, and that none of the other bugs we found were bedbugs. It was a relief until I considered that at any given time there are at least five or six small bugs living happily in all corners of our apartment. He could have at least told us that none of them were deadly.

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