Friday, November 8, 2013

A Non-Smoking Smoke Break Option

We need smoke breaks for non-smokers. It's reinvigorating to take random 10-minute breaks throughout the day. It helps me return to work focused, but I have nothing to do while I stand outside for those 10 minutes, so I end up walking to the store to buy an apple or getting several cups of coffee a day. There should be a dog outside of my office that I could throw a stick to for ten minutes whenever I felt like it. We need a nature equivalent to the smoke break. At my last job we tried to get one by putting a slackline between two trees by the road, but it turns out that slacklining is pretty boring when all you do is fall off every two seconds. Plus cars would always stare at us while driving past and I worried one of them would succumb to object fixation and run us all down one day. It wasn't the most relaxing way to spend 10 minutes outside.

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