Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Travelers

There's a large weather system moving across the country that has the potential to wreck havoc for Thanksgiving travelers. About once a year I get stranded in an airport during a storm system, and I see the same caricature of the same traveler each time: The person who's been at the airport help desk for 45 minutes holding up the huge line while they stomp their feet and shake a balled fist clenching a couple sweated-through paper tickets. I've even been that guy once. But there's no value in that kind of behavior. All you can do is sit and read, sit at the bar and ponder how your tab is averaging $35 per hour, and then be thankful that you're not driving and sitting in traffic hoping your tank of gas holds out long enough for rescue to arrive. You always have that to be thankful for, regardless of airport woes.

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