Friday, November 1, 2013

The University Solicitor

I was sitting down to dinner with a friend and his phone rang, he answered, dismissed the caller with a few quick words, and hung up. "Never fails, the university always calls for a donation right when it's time to eat dinner." I haven't heard from my own school in several years. Their alumni donation solicitors used to call me at all hours of the day. Then, one afternoon moments after I'd gotten laid off from a job, my cell rang. I answered since it was a number I didn't recognize. "Good afternoon sir, I'm calling from the University of Minnesota Alumni office..." I stopped him. "Listen pal, I got laid off five minutes ago. Right now I'm walking through a park holding a plastic bag full of all the belongings. I'm not going to be able to help you out today." I sometimes wonder if he ever thinks about that call. I hope it wasn't too traumatizing. He apologized for my misfortune and hung up. I'm not sure what list he put me on, but I haven't heard from my university since.

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