Friday, December 6, 2013

Bob Vila My Music Teacher

My 8th grade music teacher went through a grunge phase where he wore a denim jacket with jeans for several weeks in a row. He had a large bushy beard and dark brown hair, and with all that denim he bore a striking similarity to TV repairman extraordinaire Bob Vila. While signing yearbooks at the end of that year, I took to crossing out his name and writing "Bob Vila" above it, and then signing my name. It backfired when all my nerdy friends asked our music teacher to sign their yearbook, but he didn't get upset with me. It occurred to me today that after all these years he's achieved his own kind of revenge. I caught a glimpse of myself leaving for work this morning, jeans and a denim jacket, with an overgrown beard and a mop of brown hair in need of a barber. I've come full Bob Vila.

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