Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Problem with Passwords

I'm one of those people who uses the same password for almost everything. I have three tiers of password: Money; Things I don't want to lose; and, Things I don't care about. All most all of my stuff falls into the last tier. Anything that has an actual monetary value gets a real password (very few things). Then my photos and blog, things I don't want to lose but wouldn't lose money; then all my newspapers, online invitation systems, shopping, and deal sites get the same password. My problem is these useless sites like newspapers that insist that I update my password every few months. I love newspaper, but who do you think you are? No one's trying to break into my newspaper account to see what articles I've saved. And invitation sites, are you worried someone's going to hack my account and host a party at my house? These sites need to realize their place on the bottom of the password chain. But, instead I end up updating my same password by adding a new number to it every few weeks. It's impossible to keep track of everything, so I end up guessing, but of course all these same sites lock you out after three wrong guesses.

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