Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Trimming the Tree

I love picking up the Christmas tree. This year I didn't even bargain, I just told the guy we were trying to find one that was bigger than what any of our neighbors' had and he gave me a good deal. We'd achieved an understanding. Granted, we live in an apartment building so all of our neighbors have the same height limitations on the tree, but I think ours is extra bushy. I measure Christmas trees on mass, not height. So tonight, we'll trim the tree. When I was growing up I thought that meant that you would cut its branches so that the tree would take on a more pleasing shape, but now I know it's an Eastern way of saying "decorate" the tree. Kind of like at Thanksgiving how everything besides the turkey are the "trimmings," and none of them are lopped-off tree branches. That's the holiday season for you.

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