Saturday, January 4, 2014

Editing and Editing on the Finished Product

When I'm working on a writing project that requires several rounds of drafts and I find myself growing weary of it, I'll name whatever iteration of the document I'm on "document-name_final.doc." Then whoever I send it to should know that it's seen its last days with me. Only it never works that way. Edits are sent back, new ideas inserted, or maybe I get inspired and begin working on it again. Then, of course, the next document has to be named "document-name_final_2.doc," and then 3, 4, and so on until the word "final" has lost any meaning. It's kind of like how you repeat a common word over and over and over and it loses its meaning, then it begins to sound weird, and then a bit later you wonder if you're even saying it right anymore.

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