Monday, January 13, 2014

The Bike Meet Up

I belong to a mountain bike cycling group that meets and rides all winter. I almost never join them for rides, and certainly I don't go in winter, but I still get all the group emails with invitations to meet. They are maddening. Whoever runs this group indicates the intensity of the group ride by classifying it as "expert" or "strong" and then they say things like, "Better be able to ride over anything and keep up." And though I never go, I find myself wondering, "Oh? What happens if I don't keep up?" Then I suppose I'd find myself riding my bike by myself in a park, and that doesn't seem so bad. It also doesn't seem like it would mess up anyone else's ride. Next time the guy sends one of those emails I'm going to meet them at the trailhead for the ride and then turn around and go home as soon as they all pedal off in the snow. With any luck, they'll spend all day searching for me.

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