Friday, February 14, 2014

On Hating Valentine's Day

I've never properly understood people who are capable of planning well in advance for Valentine's Day. Last year I realized I should do something for the holiday on about the 12th, so I called around to a few restaurants for reservations and was told by cheerful hostesses that I could have my choice of times for dinner: 4pm or past midnight. As dining past midnight would mean that I had failed in making Valentine's Day plans, I took the early reservation and my boss, sympathetic to my procrastination, gave me permission to leave work early. The indignity wasn't so much that I was eating dinner at 4pm as it was that when we arrived they told us we'd have to eat and leave within 45 minutes to open the table for the next couple. And, of course, we could only order off the special Valentine's Only Couples Meals, which are identical to the normal meals except that they happen on the 14th and cost 30% more. I know that single people hate Valentine's Day, but they have no reason to. It's the couples who should hate it.

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