Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Evil Cable Companies

We can all agree that cable TV cable companies are evil. They make you wait for hours or months to install their equipment in your new home. Once it's in it never works as advertised. And every few months some random charge will appear on your bill and the only thing you can do about it is sit on the phone for an hour to try to get a few dollars back. Now my cable company has found an even more evil new way to complicate my life. Sometimes when I turn on my TV, there'll be a long delay, so I'll mash a bunch of buttons on the remote to try to fix it. It turns out that the delay is caused by them serving me an ad, or as they call it, an "opportunity" to upgrade my service. The problem is that since the TV is delayed it also delays all the remote buttons I mash down and then executes those commands once the ad is loaded. So lately I've been buying a lot of Internet and TV upgrades and then having to call them to straighten things out. One day we will be free from this tyranny, and I cannot wait to have the conversation with them when I call to cancel my Internet and TV.

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