Sunday, March 2, 2014

Airport Helper

Airlines are doing it all wrong. They thank you for choosing their airline at the end of your flight, when we all know that you chose their airline because it was the absolute cheapest way to get to your destination. They try to build goodwill by reminding you several times that your flight was on time (whenever it is), and they give you reward points that don't add up to much unless you fly for work every week. They're getting nowhere with these tactics. Then, the other day I saw something new: I was sitting in an airport bar and a person from the airline walked in after a flight had been delayed, and made an announcement to everyone in the bar that the flight was back on time. About 10 people slugged their drinks and ran for the gate. It would have been so easy to leave them behind, but I guarantee those drinkers now have real goodwill towards that airline. That's all it takes a real gesture so that you don't have to tell everyone at home that you missed your flight because you were in a bar.

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