Monday, April 28, 2014

Dogs and Bars

Besides voting I don't much get involved in the political process. Things upset me, sure, but the things that go on politically seem so disconnected from the real world that it seldom occurs to me that I should do something about it. But sometimes, something happens. Something important. Something that pulls us out of this limp stupor and forces us to engage! For me, it was when the city created a new law that bans dogs from bars. I finally got a dog, and all I wanted to do was hangout with him at my favorite bar, but now the city government is in my way. Get out of my bars city! It's the right of the bar owner to decide if dogs are allowed. I wrote Mayor Bill an email (and I Tweeted him) but so far he's been unresponsive. When I take this protest next level, it's going to involve dogs and beer, and that will make it among the most chill protests of all time.

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