Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Phone Readings

I go to a lot of weddings. In other words, my wife has a lot of friends. I enjoy them very much since most of the time everyone is in a good mood and they have an open bar. At the last two weddings I attended, people stood to do readings during the ceremony, and they read their passages off their phones. I'm so hard wired into seeing people stare at their phone while in the elevator or sitting at the bar, that when people look down at their smartphone I am incapable of listening to anything they say. It looked like the last guy was video chatting religious passages with a friend, except he was standing in front of a church full of people staring at him. When I see someone I'm with pull out their phone and start looking at it, my instinct is to go to mine and flip through Instagram. Since that would have been inappropriate sitting in a church, I pulled out my phone and pretended to take photos.

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