Thursday, May 22, 2014

That Kid's Back on the Snowmobile

This is my favorite Daily Dose story of all time, but I did a horrible job telling it.

Snowmobile Accidents
A friend of mine lives on a lake in Minnesota that has only one ice fishing shanty on it. A few years ago, he saw a snowmobile screaming across the frozen lake at night run into the ice shanty at top speed. Turns out it was some really accident-prone kid, and his goggles were all iced up.

If you'll permit me, I'll try to save the story because it deserves it. It's one of the two or three stories that will pop into my head out of nowhere once in a while and I will be unable to stop myself from laughing out loud. It goes like this:

That Kid's Back on the Snowmobile

My friend lived on a lake in Northern Minnesota with one or two other houses on it. It could be any one of thousands of lakes tucked away in the north woods. His neighbors had one kid, a teenage boy who liked to ice fish, canoe, cross country ski, and snowmobile. In the summer he required rescue after dumping his canoe while fishing the middle of the lake. And in the winter he once left his snowmobile idling next to the only ice fishing shanty on the lake, which was his, and it ran out of gas when it came time to leave. So, one cold winter evening my friend is looking out his window across the lake as night falls, and sees one snowmobile on the lake screaming across its frozen surface, the engine winding up, sound carrying in dry cold air, and then, BAM! The kid, driving the only snowmobile on the lake, smashed into the only ice shanty on the lake. Turns out his goggles had fogged up, and he must have thought that if he sped up the airflow would melt away the fog. And maybe it would have. Maybe he didn't hit the ice shanty so much as run out of lake before his goggles cleared.

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