Friday, May 2, 2014

Well, You're an Adult Now

Tattoo rule number one: Do not get a band's name tattooed anywhere on your body unless you are in that band, and even then, it's still a questionable choice. What if Dr. Dre had gotten a tattoo during his disco album days? He would have a hard time getting people to take him seriously as a soft-core gangster. I'm out of the age bracket danger zone for getting a tattoo I'll regret, which is to say that I will never get a tattoo. A friend of mine has an 18-year-old daughter who's getting her first tattoo soon, and he's supportive to the extent he has to be since there's nothing he can do to stop her and trying to would do nothing but cause problems. I'm sure that raising children is full of challenges like this, but from an outsider's perspective, the worst aspect of it I see is that you're never able to enjoy telling your kids, "I told you so."

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