Monday, December 28, 2009

Bags and Bags of Lights

During high school, someone in my parents' neighborhood had the bright idea that everyone should line their sidewalks with candle-lit white paper bags for one night. We congregated in one of our neighbor's cold garages on a December afternoon, and spent about an hour shoveling sand into each bag and dropping in a candle. Then on New Year's Eve everyone stumbled outside, setup their candles, and spent several frustrating minutes trying to light candles in the bottom of paper bags. I guess it looked kind of cool, but it was so cold no one wanted to walk around outside, and driving the circuit would take about 20 seconds. Plus the street lights kind of took away from the effect, so you ended up just looking out your front window at the few bag lights on your property line. The only really enjoyable part was when one of the bags would catch on fire and burn to the ground. We gave up on the project after one year and no one ever complained.

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