Saturday, December 26, 2009

Stealing Schooners

I lived down the street far a bar called Sportsman's that would sell you beer in glass pitchers and oversized goblet-style mugs called schooners. If you could make it past the front door with a pitcher full of beer in one hand and a schooner in the other, you'd almost always make a clean getaway. The bouncer would only chase you as far as the door, then he'd shake his head and say something like, "Oh man, they're long gone." My brother-in-law was telling me they had the same problem at a bar in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, so they made people leave their IDs at the bar to get a schooner. Getting a new drivers license in Wisconsin costs about $10 and is as easy as dropping by the DMV during a slow time, so the bar was still losing beer mugs out the door. I'm not sure why they didn't hand the IDs over to the police, but maybe it's because their next plan worked so well. If you wanted a schooner, you'd have to leave one of your shoes at the bar. You'd walk into this place and half the people would be walking around wearing only one shoe.

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