Monday, January 25, 2010

Theft of Services

There are a lot of ways to get away with illegally discounting your lift tickets. One option is pretending you forgot your season pass and getting a free 1-day ticket from the pass office. They make you put it on your pants right in front of them so you can't sell it, so you put it on and then trade your pants with your friend who needed the ticket. I've had one friend get caught using this method. A diligent liftie noticed that the same name was on the season pass and the day ticket, and he called them out. They made a break for it, skiing into the parking lot and driving away. Liftie powers evaporate as soon as you make it to the parking lot. The cheapest we ever were with lift tickets was high school. On Wednesday night, the local resort would sell half-price tickets if you brought some canned food to donate to the food shelter. We'd buy two tickets for four people, cut the tickets in half, and then stick them to old lift tickets we left on our pants. It was quarter-price night for us.

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