Sunday, February 21, 2010

Screech From Saved by the Bell becomes a Writer

I picked up Dustin Diamond's autobiography a couple months ago. Dustin Diamond played Screech in the 1990's hit Saved by the Bell. When I say I 'picked up' his autobiography, I mean that literally. The book's dust jacket says it sells for $25, but it came into my ownership after a friend plucked the book from a discount rack and stuck it in his pinata. No one took the book home after the pinata was broken open, so my friends wrapped the book and gave it to me at brunch the next afternoon. At the end of our meal I had to peel the book off the diner floor. I've read about 20 pages of the book. So far two paragraphs have been repeated twice in the text. Diamond also refers to 'craft food service' as "Kraft Food Service" when talking about food on the show's set. Basically, I'm afraid that I overpaid to get my hands on this book.

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