Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Death's Waiting Room

I've been to a handful of Early Bird dinner specials in my life. Sometimes I made it just in the nick of time for my first meal after sleeping the day away, but more likely it's been because I was visiting older people who prefer to eat early. I had the occasion to go to one in a community packed with retirees, and I must have been the youngest person there by 50 years. I was hoping that a fight would break out because I would have been able to clean house. I'm really not qualified to become a bouncer at most places, but if this diner needed someone to watch the door during the early bird special, I would have been as good a candidate as any. I had the early bird special tonight and got a pretty decent Thai meal with an appetizer and beer for only $10. The beer was only about three-quarters full, but I didn't feel comfortable complaining under the circumstances.

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