Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Turtleneck Issues

Fake turtlenecks don't make any sense. Some people call them 'Dickey's.' They look like turtlenecks when worn under a sweater, but it's just a neck with a small skirt around it. You pull the Dickey over your head like a Christmas tree skirt and stuff the skirt part into your shirt. Then people think you're wearing a turtleneck, but it doesn't keep you warm. If the world made sense, Dickey's would be called 'Mock Turtlenecks.' Then again, calling something with a tall neck a turtleneck doesn't make sense anyway. A 'turtleneck' would imply that the neck could be folded down or you could hide your head in the shirt. Turtlenecks should be referred to as Giraffe Necks from now on.

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