Sunday, July 11, 2010

It Arrived One Day

My friend received a puzzle in the mail. It sounds like a nice gesture, but it was a bit odd. There was no return address, and it was in a large, lumpy envelope mailed from within the same city. She did criminal defense for awhile, so she thought it was anthrax before even opening it. She took it to the police and asked if she could open the package at the precinct. They gave an okay over some deli sandwiches, and she opened it to find it was a puzzle. So she sat on the precinct floor and put it together enough to see that it was a puzzle of the David sculpture in Florence. Then the hunt began. She called practically everyone she knew, and thought she had it nailed down when a friend's cousin said he 'didn't know' if he'd mailed the puzzle. Turned out to be from some friends who were heading out of the country and thought she would figure it out right away, but what weirds me out is the guy who told her he wasn't sure if he'd sent it. It seems like mailing a puzzle in a suspicious package is something you'd recall pretty easily.

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