Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Open Wedding Season

I attended a wedding last weekend and had a strange bathroom encounter. I noticed that someone before me had dumped red wine all over one of the urinals, which is a bit sloppy but nothing of a shocker, but then when I was washing my hands I noticed a belt buckle resting in the drain of the sink. It wasn't an oversized, rodeo-trophy, but one that looked like it came off a belt you'd buy from a normal clothing store. I glanced in the trashcan on my way out of the restroom and didn't notice a belt on top of the trash. Whenever I met someone new that night, I'd take a quick glance to see if they'd lost their belt buckle. If I saw the person who lost it, I planned on putting my foot on his hip, pulling the belt out and giving him a good smack with the thing. No particular reason for doing so. I'm just happy it's wedding season again.

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