Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meal Replacement

I was in rush to get to a train and knew I wouldn't have time for dinner, so I stopped at a store looking for a Pro Bar or Larabar. They had neither so I grabbed something called a Full Bar and ate it in the next 2 minutes. It tasted like a rice cake and lacked the substance I was looking for, and it left me feeling really thirsty. I had nothing to drink on hand, so I chewed some gum. I made it to the train with 10 minutes to spare and picked up a tallboy of Budweiser for the ride. My friends on the train were talking about missing dinner, and I mentioned that I'd grabbed some sort of meal replacement. Then the conversation turned to these new meal bars that you eat and then drink a glass of water, and they expand in your stomach to make you feel full. It took a few moments, but then someone remembered they were called 'Full bars.' It explained why I was so thirsty after eating the rice-cake-style bar, and thankfully I'd had the Budweiser to wash it down. Mmm, rice-cake-soaked Bud sitting like a fruitcake in my stomach. No wonder I'm still not hungry.

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