Monday, July 19, 2010

Donated to Science

Mosquitoes were biting through my pants and socks while hanging out in Minnesota last weekend, and I was doing everything I could to keep them away without slathering on the DEET. I finally relented and rubbed a bit of the bug spray on my face after getting a couple bites on my neck. My friend didn't seem bothered by the mosquitoes at all, and when I asked why, he said that he's among the few rare people who are not allergic to mosquito bites. He has no reaction if one of them feeds on him. I'd never heard of this before and said so. Then I asked why he was out walking around and not being studied by scientists so they can develop some kind of serum that makes mosquito bites not bother people. And then it dawned on my why he must not tell too many people about his rare condition -- if the Minnesota state government ever found out, I'm sure they'd send their version of the CIA to scoop him off the streets and study him for science.

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