Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bolo Ties

My second job in middle school was at a local shoe store. My first job was at a grocery store, but it only lasted a day. I received the shoe store job offer after my orientation at the grocery store with a guy named Rob. I felt a little bad because Rob had brought me in between employee orientations, so he did the whole orientation with only me instead of the usual group affair. The only thing I remember from the orientation was that my tie had to be at least an inch wide, and I was forbidden to wear cowboy bolos instead of ties. When I called Rob to tell him I was quitting, I said that I'd gotten a more attractive, though lower paying ($4.25 an hour), job offer from the shoe store, so I was leaving. I could tell he was mad for wasting his time on my orientation. In retrospect, I should have told him that after a day of thinking about it, I couldn't work anywhere that didn't allow cowboy bolos. I think he would have respected that.

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