Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Cheap Stuff

A bottle of Montezuma triple sec has darkened the shelf I keep my liquor on for far too long. Montezuma is the cheap triple sec. And the only reason you need triple sec is to make margaritas. I remember the one time some sad sack mentioned drinking "triple sec and Cokes" and ended up getting punched, but that's another story. No, if I ever need a new bottle of triple sec, I'll pay the extra money to get a nice looking bottle of Cointreau -- something that can sit on the liquor shelf and not make me look like a cheap jerk. Cointreau might cost four times more than that $7 bottle of Montezuma, but at least it's not named after a king whose legacy includes giving diarrhea to tourists. I have to replace this bottle of triple sec. So basically, I've been drinking a lot of margaritas lately.


  1. Liquor in plastic bottles freaks me out. I get the rationale- who among us has not fallen on his/her pocket bottle and been glad it did not shatter and all, but still. Seems like the hooch would pull all kinds of hormone mimicking polymers out of plastic.

    So, I make a policy of drinking booze from plastic as quickly as possible. For safety's sake.

  2. Yeah, plus you don't have to worry about smashing the bottle and stabbing someone with it when there's no glass involved.

  3. There is that. Could be an upside, though.