Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bedbug Infestation

My apartment had bedbugs. This was a couple years back, before all the trendy clothing stores started getting them and it was covered so much in the news. I never actually saw a bedbug or received a bite, but my roommate swore we had them. He even hired a bedbug-sniffing dog who agreed that our apartment had bedbugs, and I was in no position to disagree with a dog. I owned very few things so dealing with them in my one bag of clothes and stack of books wasn't a big deal, and it came at a good time since I was moving to less expensive accommodations within a couple weeks. My leaving during the bedbug treatment and my roommate trying to fill a space in a bedbug-infested home proved to be a problem. He advertised on Craigslist, walked people thorough the apartment, and he finally found some guy from Ohio named Joe to take my old room. He sealed the deal by agreeing on a price, and then right when they started to shake hands he blurted out, "We just had bedbugs!" The poor kid didn't even know what he was talking about, but I'm convinced the entire bedbug infestation was in my roommate's imagination, so I think everything worked out okay.

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