Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vladimir Nabokov

I wrote an awful paper about Vladimir Nabokov when I was in college. It was the longest thing I'd ever written at about 15 pages, and it didn't contain a single interesting or original thought. After I turned it in for a B, I submitted it to some guy who was running a pretty impressive Nabokov website. It was the early 2000's, so dedication to quality on the internet was at a bare minimum. I thought he'd put my paper up on his site, and then I could add that to my resume to pretend like I was a published scholar. He didn't return my first e-mail, but he when I sent a follow-up a few weeks later he wrote back that he wouldn't publish it. He explained himself well enough and of course he was correct in not posting it, but at the time I didn't get it. I conferred with my friend Travis , and we were both a bit puzzled. I mean, it's the internet, man. What, did he want to fill it up with Nabokov stuff all on his own?

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