Monday, September 27, 2010

Just Riding Along

When I worked at the bike shop, people would always come in with what we called 'just riding along' stories. Even when it was clear they'd driven into a parking ramp with the bike on top of their car, they'd come in for repairs and offer a story about how they did this particular damage to their bike. The stories often started, "I was just riding along..." This fault-free story would be told because they were trying to convince you to apply the warranty or fix the bike for free, but our shop didn't work on a sliding scale where we charged more to repair a bike if you were doing something crazy. People would have been better off if they had come in and just admitted right away that they rode their bike off pier into the lake and now it wasn't shifting correctly. We would have wasted less time trying to diagnose the problem, and more likely than not, we would have knocked a bit off the price for doing something as awesome as trying to ride your Trek Y-22 through a chest-deep river.

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