Sunday, September 26, 2010


Remember how people used to use the term 'metrosexual?' It referred to men who groomed like classy women and wore a lot of tailored clothes. At the height of the metrosexual blitz, I was watching CNN one day while working, and the two anchors interviewed a guy who wrote a book about how to be metrosexual. CNN loops a lot of their news every half-hour, and I left the channel on for days hoping to catch this interview again but they never replayed it. The author was being beamed in via satellite, and the anchors on the set kept trying to ask him serious questions about the contents of his book, but they'd break down in laughter and accuse each other of being metrosexual. The author on the split screen looked like he was being mugged. At the end, the anchors both denied being metro, then asked the author if he was a metrosexual. He sighed and said, "Well, I wrote the book. So I guess I sort of have to be."

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