Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Worst Robin Hood?

It is no easy task to choose a 'Worst of All Time' from the Robin Hood movies. The newest iteration out of Hollywood features Russell Crowe, and I had the displeasure of watching it on a broken screen while on an airplane. This was after I'd watched the 'A-Team' and a rom-dromedy known as 'Knight and Day,' so things were desperate. The positive aspect of the film was that I didn't have to bother pausing it when I got up to go to the bathroom. Joining Crowe in the running for 'Worst' are the 90's Kevin Costner Robin Hood and the Mel Brooks 'Men in Tights' version of roughly the same era. We'll forgive Brooks this one based on proven prior performance. That leave Costner vs. Crowe battling for the title. I wish I could make the call, but this one only leaves me shaking my head. It's a classic dilemma -- when you're faced with two choices and both are bad. As penance, the two should be forced to team up to make a buddy cop movie that's a straight-to-Lifetime TV release.


  1. How can you be down on 'Men in Tights?' They actually had a Robin Hood with an English accent!

  2. Costner has to get the nod for being the larger douche. I hate that guy.

    Bummer to hear that Crowe's version blew, nice to be able to find that out 2nd hand.

  3. Hollywood really needs to find something else to make movies about. Maybe they could try their hand at Spiderman?