Sunday, January 16, 2011

Staring Contest

I saw my friend Colin at the gym the other day after not running into him anywhere for about a year.  We made eye contact and I smiled and nodded indicating, "Hey, what's up man?" He looked away. As I kept staring at him, I had the thought, "Maybe that's not Colin." He looked up at me and we made prolonged eye contact again, and this time I looked away, second guessing myself. I was sure it was him but the reception was cool, so I decided I'd email Colin later and ask if we go to the gym. A bit later I'm getting out of the shower, and who's my locker right next to? The guy who I've been staring at off-and-on over the last hour. I emailed Colin a few minutes after I left and found out that he wasn't the guy in the gym. So now I have to try to get a picture of this guy I've apparently been acting really creepy towards so that I can show Colin a guy who looks exactly like him.

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