Friday, January 14, 2011

Tip Jar

Look, I understand if you want to put a tip jar. That's cool, maybe someone will drop their spare change in it. But don't give me attitude when you hand me a plastic-wrapped sandwich that costs $8 or pour me a black coffee that costs $2.50 and I don't drop you a tip. We had a tip jar at the bike shop, and I lobbied to have it taken down. Friends of ours were already dropping by with beer once in awhile, and the tip jar cash was all used for beer anyway. Putting it up just put a little extra ink-and-paper in the equation. And based on what I see being collected in these deli and coffee shop tip jars, it's not like they're getting enough money to buy more than a 6-pack anyway. No, these guys are better off taking the tip jar down and just robbing me of a quarter every time I buy something from them since I never count my change anyway.

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