Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Not in Front of the King

I've been following the situation in Egypt with considerable interest. One of the aspects of it that strikes me most is that their 'president' has been in power for about 30 years, and many of the leaders of the protests are under 30 years old. News broadcasters keep talking about how "these protest leaders have never known anyone else in power," but they don't go into what implications this has. And I would argue that it's largely meaningless. I was thinking about it on my way to work, and came up with a reasonable comparison. As long as I have been alive, Elvis Presley has been dead. The only Elvis I've ever known is Elvis Costello. Perhaps I don't have the same level of appreciate for The King that people who grew up with him have, but hey, I can listen to music and get a pretty good feel for the situation.

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