Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bank Meetings

I had a meeting at the bank the other day. It was not meant to be a meeting. It began, as many bank meetings do, with an innocent question. How do I get new checks?  I expected to be charged since every couple weeks a surprise deduction comes out of my account for a fee I unknowingly accrued. I'll call to ask them, "What's this $12 charge?" They always have an answer, "Sir, you're not allowed to deduct money from your savings three times a month; it's clearly stated in your terms of service." "Oh, you mean those ten pages of fine type no one reads?" Yes, those terms of service. Banks, by their sheer fundamentals of their model, are setup to make money, massive amounts of money. But it's never enough for them. They need OBSCENE amounts of money, hence all the fees and nonsense. But checks, they'll give you those for free, you just have to sit through a 20 minute meeting about how you should get several new credit cards.

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