Monday, March 14, 2011

Free Appetizers

Chips and salsa is by far the best free appetizer you get when you go out to eat. Italian restaurants sometimes give you a loaf of bread and butter, which is okay but it's also a popular meal served in U.S. prisons. Indian restaurants give you a flat, hard, flaky piece of bread and three mysterious sauces that you can dip your bread into, but all that ever happens is your little pieces of bread break off in the sauces and you get crumbs all over the table. I went to a new Mexican restaurant in my neighborhood the other week and asked if they had a happy hour and they said, "No," but then they gave me a bucket full of chips and a jar of salsa with my beer. You don't need a happy hour when you have that kind of artillery. I didn't even have to order any food after eating that jug of chips.

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