Saturday, March 12, 2011


There's this girl I went to high school with that's always lived in cities nearby me until just recently. When I was in Brooklyn, she was in Manhattan. When I was in Minneapolis, she was in St. Paul. When I was in Salt Lake City, she was in Park City. It started in Utah, and I found out about her living there from a mutual friend. He gave me her email address, so I emailed. I never heard back. I sent another assuming my email had fallen into the spam, no response. Then MySpace came around. I found her there (still living nearby) and she did not accept my friendship. Then a couple years later, Facebook. Denied. So I've been trying to figure out, why does this girl hate me? In the course of puzzling over it, I think it was actually her twin sister that I always talked to in high school. Maybe I'll look that girl up instead.

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