Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Friday, Friday

Like a lot of other people paying attention to the internet, I was introduced last week to a video of a young woman named Rebecca Black singing a song called 'Friday.' It's a monotone pop song that aspires to the fame people like Avril Lavigne or similarly derivative teen singers have achieved. The video on YouTube is interesting in several ways. The production quality is fairly high, the shots are well put together, and the editing isn't terrible. What makes this video such a stunning shock is the pure awfulness of the song itself. And I think this is the first of a lot of videos we'll see that share the same traits. High-def cameras are cheap, most computers can edit video pretty well, and you can even get recording and sound cutting software for free online. Fifteen years ago suburban kids would rap into a boombox mic and lay a couple tracks on a Maxell tape that would get lost in a junk drawer for the next 10 years. Now kids are shooting and cutting real music videos. And they're terrible. This is one of those times I'm so happy for the advent of the internet.

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