Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sports Season

I caught a few minutes of a professional basketball game on TV last night and realized that I have no idea when basketball season begins or ends. It's not that I'm totally ignorant about sports seasons. I understand that football is played in the fall and baseball begins in the spring. Basketball is generally a winter sport. The problem is that the seasons of professional sports have become so absurdly long in the interest of making money that they extend far beyond earth's actual seasons. I remember last year when the World Baseball Championships postponed the beginning of baseball season, and it was the first time ever that the four most popular sports in the U.S. (football, basketball, baseball, and hockey) all had regular season games on the same day. At least I know when my sports begin and end. Ski season starts when the snow falls and ends when it melts. It's simple, but that's probably because there's less interest in televising it. I suspect that if more money was on the line, they'd find a way to run skiing until July.

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