Monday, April 4, 2011

The 6th Sense

When I have my music cranked on my headphones, it dulls my other senses. I can still see okay, but I pay less attention. I can hear nothing outside my personal universe. And for unknown reasons, loud music greatly diminishes my sense of smell. So today when I was standing in the middle of a construction site with some music pouring into my skull via headphones, I was caught off guard when a man grabbed me by the arm and shouted, "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" I pulled my headphones out to answer, "Top floor," and that's when I smelled the burning and noticed the sparks flying in the middle of the construction zone I'd walked into to catch the elevator. Turns out there was no access on the floor, I had to walk down to the basement to go up. From now on I'll turn down the volume and try to at least notice if the building I'm trying to enter is on fire.

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