Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Career Change

My roommates and I were all unemployed for a stretch of about a week. I'd been laid off a month prior, the other had lost his job at the restaurant when it went out of business. My other roommate was a temp at a job that mostly had union members, so they'd have to fire him every 6 months and then hire him back two weeks later. This situation prevented him from ever getting benefits or paid time off, and it exploited a union loophole that allowed them to keep employing him. So the three of us kicked around a few ideas on jobs we could all get. Fireman jobs are too hard to get, and an online T-shirt company simply did not seem like a wise decision. We watched a few videos on the city's website about what it requires to become a cop, and we all met the minimum requirements. Then we all had to decide what kind of cops we'd become. It took all of five minutes to realize that at least two of us would end up getting gunned down by the mob after pushing our corruption too far. Onto other, less deadly, job opportunities.

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