Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cigar Sales

There was a mix-up on the way to the U.S. border. I'd apologized to my friend, it seemed I had a Cuban cigar that I would have to smoke in his car before we reached the U.S. where I would not be able to keep it. Smoking is frowned upon in his vehicle, but there are circumstances so he acquiesced. I tore off the wrapper and saw "made in Dominican Republic" printed inside the cigar's ring. But at that point I'd already opened it up, so I didn't tell my friend and smoked away. The clerk at the cigar shop had assured me it was Cuban, but I decided I must have been just another victim of the Canadian hustle. We were, of course, stopped at the border and a search of our car turned up a Cuban cigar in my friend's possession. He told the customs officer that the clerk had assured him his cigar was from the Dominican Republic. They confiscated his cigar and released us into the U.S. I have yet to settle my score with the Canadian cigar monger.

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